Uruguay, Tallow Refinery

Uruguay Project: Tallow refinery & margarine packing

 Tallow Refinery Location: Canelones, Uruguay

Uruguay Capacity: 5t batch bleaching, 60t per day continuous deodorization, 20t batch fractionation, 2, 5 and 25kg margarine packing line.

 Tallow Refinery Year of construction: 2018 - now

Uruguay Process: tallow degumming, bleaching, deodorization, crystallization, membrane filtering, after plasticizing going to margarine slab and block packer.

 Tallow Refinery Challenge

For complicated system installation, our technicians could not travel to site during COVID period. Remote guidance was difficult too.


Uruguay Solution

We developed 3-D modelling to demonstrate all elements, vessel, piping, position, in detailed, enlargeable and rotate as wish virtual guidance. Clients successfully installed all hardware with remote and 3-D file assistance.


 Tallow Refinery

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