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Soap Making Machines(CE)

Our soap machines produce toilet soap, laundry soap, transparent soap, color stripe soap. The raw materials can be all kinds of oil, fat, fatty acid, or soap noodle. The capacity ranges from 200kg/h to 3000kg/h. 

Technical features of the finishing lines of  200 to 3000 kg/h toilet amd laundry soap
1. The lines are capable of producing high-performance toilet or laundry soap.
2. The worm barrel is made from one piece of tube, instead of two tube sections connected together by bolted flanges, which is the usual practice of other soap machine producers in China. The two Sectioned barrel is not as precise as the integral one ,and will cause "biting" of barrel wall, that enters into soap produced, detereorating the quality of product soap.
3. Special worm design with seamless drawn conical core that greatly reduces soap bar forming time, and increases pressure inside the worm barrel, making the soap more compact ,more smooth and transparent.
4. People-oriented design: Proctor & Gamble's management, mantel nuiance,and safety standards are adopted,
5. The machines are better covered, and have more safety measures.The machines are more transparent. so the maintenance workers can see machine parts running inside the machine at any time.
6. The machine is tidy both outside and inside.
7. The finishing line can be running automatically as a whole, easy to be operated via control panels. 

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