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Mass storage tanks

We are capable of build single 100-10000 cubic meter oil/fuel vertical storage tank as per Chinese standard GB50341 or API650. No matter when it is under designing, raw material preparation, on-site building, quality checking, our experienced engineer and skilled craftsman will ensure to deliver stable quality, enduring storage facility and safe installation or operation environment. The modern CNC machines and pressure vessel qualification ascertains precise, efficient and reliable work.   

Storage Tank Volume:      100-10000 cubic meter

Material:                             Carbon Steel, Stainless steel, fiberglass, 

Type of Storage Tank:       Vertical fixed-roof tanks

                                           Vertical internal floating roof Tanks

                                           Horizontal tanks

                                           Pressure tanks

Vertical Fixed-roof Tanks

The vertical fixed-roof tank is a basic type of tank for water, oil and other liquid. It has a fixed roof and stairs to go on top of it. The body is a cylinder made of several rings of steel plates. The bottom is a welded plate on the solid basement. The diameter of the storage tank can be 2-60m, the height can be 2-20m.  The storage tank includes breathing hole, manhole, level meter, purge valve, observation gate and customized fittings. 

The advantage of the fixed-roof tank is easy to build and economic in cost. It is suitable for common liquid.

Vertical Internal Floating Roof Tanks

The vertical internal floating roof tank has a fixed roof and a floating roof inside. 

The fixed roof will be self supported and have either a entire open to enter the tank or not. The floating deck will be made of specific material, rising and falling with the liquid level.  

The floating roof is quite suitable for high value liquid. 

Horizontal Tank

The horizontal tank can be built above or under the ground. Horizontal tanks are usually made of steel, steel with fiberglass overlay or fiberglass-reinforced polyester. Usually these are some tanks for chemical liquid storage. 

The horizontal tanks can be made on site or made in factory and transported in pack. 

The underground tanks will have anti-corrosion treatment to prevent corrosion of the tank. 

Pressure Tank

The Pressure are mostly made of carbon steel for pressurized gas. These are commonly small tanks. 

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