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The crude vegetable oil from oil pressing and/or solvent extraction will be sterilized, cleaned and purified here. The main equipment of oil refinery is various kinds of pots and vessels carrying on different tasks with additives. These tasks include part or all processes under: sedimentation/filtering, neutralization, degumming, decolorization, deodorization, dewax (winterization) etc. The selection of steps depends on crude oil quality and refined oil quality requirement. Chemical refining or physical refining can be selected on crude oil condition. '

Capacity:      5T/D -300T/D

Process:       Neutralization->Degumming->Decolorization->Deodorization->Dewaxing

Process Advantage:

1. Continuous Neutralization system shorten the contacting time between the oil and caustic, decrease the soapstock amount, lower the waste and increase the oil rate.

2. Negative pressure system ensures the short contacting time of the oil and air, saves the energy consumption and increase the oil quality. 

3. Newly developed deodorizing system works in lower temperature, ensures the quality of the oil, decrease the  trans fatty acid.


1. Refinery Pot

2. Centrifuge

3. Leaf filter

4. Deodorizing tower

5. Crystalizing tank

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