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Solvent extraction

Solvent extraction plant selects certain organic solvent usually commercial hexane to dissolve oil content in cake or vegetable seeds after close contact with feeding material (by dipping or spraying). After that oil is separated by vaporizing solvent which boiling point is far below the oil. Solvent is then condensed and recycled to next oil resolving process.

Solvent extractor is the key apparatus in this plant. We have different shapes such as carrousel, loop, rectangular drag chain etc. to cope with different feedstock and capacities. Negative pressure evaporation of solvent is recommended for plants of 150t/d above.

Capacity: 10T/D-1000T/D

Extractor Type: 

 Rotocel  Extractor

Rotocel Extractor is a traditional extractor. It has a material  horizontal rotating structure inside to have full contact with the solvent.

Loop Extractor

The loop extractor is a newly developed extractor and has been used more nowadays. The material will be turned upside and down to have a better contact with the solvent. The treating capacity and efficiency is better than the rotocel extractor, but it is mostly used in large capacity.

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