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Oil seeds preparation/pressing

Cooking oil is daily necessity for diet and human health. Oil seed preparation is to clean and prepare seeds into a condition suitable for mechanical pressing. The seeds can be groundnut (peanut), palm nut, sesame, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, soybean, canola, maize germ, etc. The preparation usually involves cleaning, crushing/decorticating, flaking, cooking before feeding into press. 

The key equipment is oil press/expeller. We have big range of capacity from 50t/d to 300t/d feedstock pre-press and 5t/d to 150t/d full press.


Technical details:

Capacity:         5T/D-1000T/D 

Seeds:            peanut, palm, sesame, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, soybean, canola, maize germ.

Work Flow:    Silo->Cleaner->Dehusker->Kenel & Shell Separator->Cooker->Oil Press


1. Bucket elevator



2. Kenel & Shell separator


3. Screw conveyor


4. Flaker



5. Softener


6. Oil Press




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