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Abandon of Trans Fatty Acid

Publisher:Honggang Date:2016-02-24

The US. Food and Drug Administration announced to totally ban the use of artificial trans fatty acid in food in 3 years on June 16th, 2015 in order to reduce the morbidity of heart disease.


The trans fatty acid(TFA) can be divided into natural TFA and artificial TFA. The natural TFA exists in milk, ewe's milk and human milk. The artificial TFA comes from the oil hydrogenation process which is meant to extend the quality guarantee period of the oil.


In the early 20th century, people think the vegetable oil is more healthy than the animal oil. Because of better taste and cheap price, using hydrogenated vegetable oil had been considered as a step foreward. Since the 21st century more and more studies have proved that the TFA does harm to human health for heart disease, more and more countries began to legally rule the use of TFA and finally started to totally prohibit the use of TFA.


During the oil deordorizing process, the oil would be heated up to 250 degree for 2hs to remove the smell of the oil. in this process it may creat TFA because of high temperature. in order to prevent this happening, our company has adpoted the material pack deordorizing tower to do this process. in this process, the oil will be heated equally in lower temperature to prevent the creation of TFA.

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