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Animal Feed Production Line

1. Suitable for processing of sinking, buoyant aqua feed, pet material, ornamental fish, etc., particle diameter Ф0.6-16mm.

2. The formulation has a wide range of adaptability, and it has good adaptability to the differences in formula, high fat content and small particle diameter.

3. The dual-axis differential reducer enables the material and steam to be fully gelatinized under the strong action of shearing and stirring, and the conditioning time can be as long as 120 seconds.

4. The screw sleeve adopts a sandwich structure, and steam or cooling water can be introduced into the sandwich to effectively control the bulking temperature; and a device for directly spraying steam or water into the bulking cavity is provided.

5. The main bearing box structure adopts proprietary technology design, built-in imported SKF/FAG main bearings.

6. The frequency modulation of the main motor makes the production of various materials simple and efficient (option).

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