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Industrial plant

We are specialized in vegetable oil seeds and the derivatives processing, such as seeds cleaning, crushing, solvent extraction plant, oil refinery, winterize, margarine production, lecithin concentration, soap production from waste oil or soapstock. As we developed from provincial textile industry administration, we also provide professional solution for textile mills.

We have close ties with multiple manufacturing bases and institutes thanks to our location at a traditionally full-fledged industrial area. At the field of vegetable oil machinery, we avail our Taicang and Taixing manufacturing facilities to present complete and reliable solution package. Working with these industrial expertises, our mission is to deliver industrial plants catering to customer's requirement, empowering competitive edge to our valued clients. Regarding oil/fat derivatives, we work with our partners to deliver specialized equipment producing soap, fish meal/oil, fatty acid split from soapstock, lecithin concentration, margarine, bio-diesel and more. To complete such plant, we also incorporate other assisting installations such as steam boiler, silos and mass storage tank farm. We have a skilled workforce to build oil/fuel tanks either in house or erection on site.

* Oil seeds preparation/pressing
* Solvent extraction
* Refinery
* Bio-diesel
* Mass storage tanks
* Textile machinery

* Soap machines

* Salt machines


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